What is KLM?

The Kerala Labor Movement (KLM) is the active initiative of the Church towards the many problems faced by the workers.

KLM is a movement started in 2002 under the KCBC Labor Commission for the safety of about 93 percent of the unorganized workers in India who are marginalized and pushed into poverty due to globalization. The following are the various works directed by KLM in our Eparchy.

Different Forums (Trade Unions)

KLM is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Charitable Act. KLM has been working through various forums for the welfare of all workers irrespective of caste or creed and for securing their rights. Since these forums are registered under the Trade Union Act KLM cam also work as a trade union. Any interested worker can join the welfare funds organized by the State Government and can avail of its benefits through these forums. The following are the labor forums that are operational in our Eparchy.

Swathanthra Nirmmana Thozhilali Union (SNTU)
Kerala Tailoring Workers Forum (KTWF)
Kerala Shops and establishment Workers Forum (KSWF)
Kerala Domestic Workers Forum (KDWF)
Kerala Cherukida Thottam Thozhilali Forum (KCTTF)
Kerala Karshaka Thozhilali Forum (KKTF)
Kerala Motor Transport Workers Forum (KMTWF)
Kerala Pravasi Kshemanidhi Forum (KPKF, for those currently working abroad and those who have returned from working abroad)


Mobile palliative care activities are being carried out under the auspices of KLM`s part of the care and compassion for the elderly and the sick. The service is now available to more than 450 patients in 50 parishes and genuine efforts are being made to expand its activities to other parishes. Efforts are being made to identify their needs through the preparation of an accurate medical care report and to provide the necessary assistance in collaboration with like-minded individuals. What makes these activities distinct and unique is the service of social and spiritual attention given to the needy. A palliative care team of about ninety, consisting of sisters, nurses, and volunteers has been formed for this.
Self Help Groups are being created in parishes with ten or more workers in the same category. Its benefits are greater than we think when it calls forth an up-gradation of their activities and accelerates group efforts.
Rising morbidity and hospital costs are a major crisis in the lives of ordinary people and unorganized workers. The KLM diocesan committee is developing a mutual aid social security scheme with the aim of being a helping hand to patients in such situations. In the first phase, its activities are affiliated with the KLM unit of the Archdiocese of Thrissur, which has been successfully operating in this field for many years.
Provides job skills training to those working in each field of work, in association with the State Government and various agencies.